After the first stop in the harbour city of Takamatsu, the Berliner Philharmoniker heads to Osaka. The neon-lit metropolis is the base station for the next few days, during which the orchestra will give concerts in Nagoya, Himeji and Osaka. While Osaka and Nagoya are familiar territory, the orchestra will be playing in Himeji for the first time. Of course, there will also be time for excursions and sightseeing between the concerts. Many musicians will take a day trip to Kyoto or the temple city of Nara.

After the concert in Nagoya, it’s time for a break. A favourite destination is the temple city of Nara with its large park and wild deer. After a day for regeneration, there are more concerts in Himeji and Osaka.

We are in the historic castle town of Himeji for the very first time. The beautiful white castle dates back to the 17th century and is considered the most beautiful in Japan. The concert hall in the Arcrea Conference Centre, on the other hand, is much younger and only opened in 2021.

So far on this tour, Osaka has served mainly as a starting-point for the trips to Nagoya and Himeji - on 19 November there will also be a concert here. Since our first tour of Asia in 1957 with Herbert von Karajan, we have been here a total of 14 times, giving more than 30 concerts.