A week in Tokyo, a week in Suntory Hall, a week full of musical highlights. Look back with us on five unique concert evenings.

Premiere with Petrenko

On Monday evening, there is a mood of joyous excitement at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo. This is the first time that the Berliner Philharmoniker has performed here with its new chief conductor Kirill Petrenko. On the programme: Reger’s Mozart Variations and Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben. Concertmaster Daishin Kashimoto plays the solo and is given a hero's welcome by the audience . The evening ends with frenetic applause and the realisation that we have now truly arrived on this tour.

Impressions of the concert on 23 November

Reger’s Mozart Variations and Strauss’ Heldenleben are also on the programme for the second concert evening in the Suntory Hall. The audience’s enthusiasm is palpable - the hashtags #Heldenleben and #BerlinPhil have even made it into the Japanese Twitter trends.

Mozart, Berg and Brahms on 24 November

As of today, the terms “Petrenko” and “Brahms” are also trending on Twitter in Japan - the enthusiasm of our Japanese fans is infectious. Some of them attend several concerts in a row and post about them on social media afterwards.

Saturday, 25 November

At the penultimate concert in Suntory Hall, the audience once again listens attentively to Reger's Mozart Variations and Strauss' Heldenleben with concertmaster Daishin Kashimoto.

Gratitude: For our final concert on this tour of Asia, a very special guest was present at Tokyo’s Suntory Hall: the Tenno, Japanese Emperor Naruhito, was in the audience. We are deeply honoured!