Open foyer of the Philharmonie Berlin
Foyer of the Philharmonie Berlin | Picture: Heribert Schindler

The Philharmonie Berlin is under historical monument protection thanks to their unique architecture by Hans Scharoun. This unfortunately means that barrier-free access can not be guaranteed to all areas. The most important information is summarized on this page.

Tickets for disabled concertgoers

Guests with disabilities receive a free concert ticket for their accompanying person on presentation of their disabled pass (with a "B" licence). All guests must be able to leave the concert hall independently or with the help of their accompanying person in the event of danger.

When purchasing tickets at the box office or by calling our ticket office, our team will be happy to help you find the right seat for your needs.

Telephone: +49 (0)30 254-88 999

Information for disablend concertgoers

Disabled box for disablend concertgoers
There are 16 spaces available in the disabled box for wheelchair users and their assistant companions. There are no wheelchairs available on loan in the Philharmonie or Chamber Music Hall. You are welcome to come to the Philharmonie with your walkers or other walking aids. For safety reasons, please leave them with our event team at the hall entrances or at the checkroom, where they will be kept for you. You can then pick up your walking aids there during the intermission or after the concert.

Easily accessible seating
For physically disabled visitors there are a limited number of seats in the main auditorium of the Philharmonie and in the Chamber Music Hall which can be reached via just a few steps. Our ticket office team will be happy to advise you on booking these seats.

Information for visitors with hearing loss

The main auditorium of the Philharmonie and the Chamber Music Hall have an induction loop system. For this purpose, only a mobile additional receiver is required which connects the audio signal via a neck loop to the hearing aid. These additional receivers can be borrowed free of charge at the information counter. We ask our guests with hearing aids to adjust these so that feedback and thus annoying whistling noises are avoided.

Information for visually impaired concertgoers

Philharmonie Berlin, yellow markings on the stairs | Picture: Heribert Schindler

Apart from the usual markings for danger spots (black and yellow markings), no further assistance such as information in Braille is available.

Support from our service team

During visits to the Main auditorium and the Chamber Music Hall, the staff of the event service team of the EVENTTEAM company will gladly assist and advise you. They are available at all times and provide active assistance, as far as this is compatible with their defined tasks and functions. Individual support of individual guests for the entire concert visit cannot be provided.

Three women in light-blue shirts in the foyer of the Philharmonic.
Volunteers at an information stand | Picture: Rosmarie Arndt

Our volunteers

At Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation events only, EVENTTEAM is supported by our volunteers. These men and women are easily recognisable by their light blue shirts and blouses and yellow scarves. They help with orientation in the house and are happy to answer any further questions in order to make your concert visit as pleasant as possible.

If you have additional questions or requests, you can also use the contact form on our website.

Parking spaces and access to the Philharmonie

West side
The public parking areas on the west side of the Philharmonie/Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße have a limited number of designated disabled parking spaces.

Underground car park
The underground car park under the Chamber Music Hall (access via Scharoun-Straße) is unsuitable for disabled guests as there is no lift from there to the foyer. The underground car park is closed until further notice.

After the events there are usually a number of taxis available. On request, the doormen will also call additional taxis with a short waiting time, depending on availability.