Christophe Horák | Picture: Stefan Höderath



Born in Neuchatel, Switzerland
Member since 01.01.2003


His parents chose the instrument for him, and Christophe Horák began playing the violin at the age of four. Later, he studied with Yfrah Neaman at London’s Guildhall School of Music; he played first violin in the institution’s orchestra for five years. In 1995 he became deputy concertmaster of the Academy of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

A scholarship with the Orchestra Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker followed, where he was prepared for his professional orchestral activity by Toru Yasunaga and Axel Gerhardt, from 2000-2002. A year later, he was accepted into the second violin section of the orchestra, becoming its section leader in 2009. Christophe Horák also plays chamber music with the Philharmonic Camerata, the Le Musiche quartet, the Berlin Piano Quartet and the Scharoun Ensemble Berlin.

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