Picture: Stephan Rabold


The members of the Berlin Piano Quartet, three strings from the Berliner Philharmoniker and the French pianist Kim Barbier, were brought together by one thing in particular: A desire to develop the relatively rarely played repertoire for piano quartet. In addition to the well-known compositions by Mozart, Brahms and Schumann – reference works of this genre – , the stated objective of the Berlin Piano Quartet is to make its audience familiar with less well-known works for this formation, such as the works of Alfred Schnittke and Frank Bridge.
The interpretations of the Berlin Piano Quartet are inspired by the orchestral experience with the Berliner Philharmoniker. The musicians take great care to look at the works of the repertoire from a new, unusual perspective. Experimental zest, the search for that special moment, and encounters with great musicians, conductors and composers of our time have a far-reaching influence on the music-making of this ensemble.


Christophe Horák
Micha Afkham
Bruno Delepelaire
Kim Barbier