Supported by Deutsche Bank

Free guided tours at the Green Room

Special exhibition: Woman to Go

Künstlerin Mathilde ter Heijne mit Intendantin Andrea Zietzschmann.

As a contribution to this year’s season focus “Heroes,” Deutsche Bank is showing Mathilde ter Heijne’s interactive artwork Woman To Go, which is included in the bank’s collection, as a partner of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

This project, which was begun in 2005 and continues to this day, ties in with the “heroes” theme as it is devoted to forgotten “heroines” and biographies from the past.

In roundels, hundreds of different postcards are offered for free to take away. On the front of the cards are photographs of unknown women taken between 1839 and 1920. On the backs of each are biographies from that era, but they obviously have nothing to do with the photographs. They are the biographies of unusual women from all over the world, including artists, tea merchants, pirates, writers, explorers, partisans, and suffragettes.

Mathilde ter Heijne: “Woman to Go is about the relationship between powerlessness and power, about the fact that history is still often seen from the perspective of a one-sided, patriarchal worldview. The achievements and life’s work of people who identify as women are readily made invisible by ruling powers in patriarchal structures. But we can change this reality by bringing a different construction of history into the public eye. The postcards of Woman to Go are a proposal for this. (...) With them, anyone can become active, send life stories around, and bring a piece of forgotten history to life. They are meant to be small sources of inspiration and empowerment, reminding us that only a short time ago half the population had no rights of their own. Equality still needs to be actively brought about.”

At a glance

Admission: Admission is free.
Duration: The guided tours last approx. 20 minutes.
Meeting point: Visitors with concert tickets will meet at the entrance to the Green Room in the foyer of the Main Auditorium shortly before the tour begins. Art lovers without concert tickets will be picked up at 19:00 or 18:00 at the artists' entrance - at the corner of the public entrance Potsdamer Straße - and will be escorted back outside after the tour.

Visit without a guided tour: In addition to the guided tour dates, you can visit the exhibition during concerts of the Berliner Philharmoniker (in the Main Auditorium). From one hour before the concert and during the interval, you will have free access with a valid concert ticket.

Dates of the guided tours: