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Research project “Creativity in pregnancy”

(Photo: Frederike van der Straeten)

Anyone expecting a child wants to provide them with the best possible conditions during pregnancy. This can include listening to and making music. That is shown by a scientific study which started in September 2021 in collaboration with obstetricians, scientists and members of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Until early summer 2022, the study investigated the effect of creative musical activities on pregnancy. The results presented after the first year demonstrate that musical activities during pregnancy:

• strengthen the resilience (stress resilience) of expectant mothers,
• create feelings of relaxation and happiness,
• and can thereby promote the development opportunities of the children.

The project in 2023

To obtain more detailed results, the study will continue from 3 December 2022. The focus is now on women who have a history of difficult pregnancies, such as in vitro fertilization, previous miscarriages, premature births or stillbirths. Pregnancies with an early diagnosis of a child with a possible illness, mothers with a condition of their own (for example, diabetes) or multiple pregnancies will also be studied.

Good medical support

Before, during and after the concerts and workshops, medical professionals will monitor the pregnant women. Using non-invasive methods, the heart rate will be measured, stress resistance recorded, a saliva mouth swab and a hair sample taken. After the birth, the umbilical cord blood and the placenta will be examined to determine certain stress parameters. All data and additional questionnaires before and after the various project activities will be stored anonymously together with the birth data on a secure database.

The research project at a glance

Project length: December – May 2023, with regular concert and workshop dates and medical support
Target group: Women during pregnancy
Concert and workshop dates: See information sheet

Participation in the research project is free of charge. After registration, mandatory participation in the study dates is required.

Please note that the registration period is already over.

Information sheet