Close-up is a new outreach format with the Berliner Philharmoniker and chief conductor Kirill Petrenko. The format shows in a tangible way how different realities relate to, complement and influence each other. The films also offer exciting insights into orchestra rehearsals.

“The Firebird”

With Igor Stravinsky’s ballet music The Firebird, we dive deep into the world of fairy tales.

Close up: “The Firebird”

“Romeo & Juliet”

In our Close-up, young people, members of the Berliner Philharmoniker, actor Ulrich Matthes and Kirill Petrenko explore the great themes: Love, conflict and reconciliation — and how they sound.

Close up: “Romeo & Juliet”

Berlin Symphony

This symphony contains much of the spirit of optimism which followed the First World War, of the turmoil and the desire for peace. The film shows how conductor and orchestra go on a voyage of discovery to the Berlin of the early twenties.

Close up: Berlin Symphony