The Vienna-Berlin Connection

(photo: Max Parovsky)

The ensemble Philharmonix is a mix of members of the Berliner Philharmoniker and the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. What brings them together? The shared urge to combine classical music with jazz, Latin, folk, Hollywood melodies and pop. And so, in this concert, you can hear excerpts from Strauss’s exhilarating operetta Die Fledermaus alongside Schoenberg’s forward-looking Chamber Symphony No. 1, Schubert’s romantic “Death and the Maiden” Quartet as well as a tribute to the Austrian pop singer Falco – all in witty, spirited, unconventional arrangements that play with our expectations and hold loads of surprises.


Noah Bendix-Balgley violin

Sebastian Gürtler violin

Thilo Fechner viola

Stephan Koncz cello

Ödön Rácz double bass

Daniel Ottensamer clarinet

Christoph Traxler piano

Johann Strauß jr.

Die Fledermaus: Overture (arr. Sebastian Gürtler)

Arnold Schoenberg

Chamber Symphony No. 1, op. 9 (arr. Stephan Koncz)

Stephan Koncz

Requiem for Falco

Sebastian Gürtler

Ludwig’s Nightmare

Stephan Koncz

Death And The Maiden (after Schubert's, D 531)

Arnold Schoenberg

Notturno (arr. Thilo Fechner)

Sebastian Gürtler

Der Herrgott und die Geige (Viennese Song)

Stephan Koncz

Swing On Beethoven

Johann Strauß jr.

Die Fledermaus: Czárdás

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Mon 03 Jun 2024, 20:00

Chamber Music Hall