A painting: A group of antiquised shepherds examines the phrase “Et in Arcadia ego” carved into a wall
Nicolas Poussin’s “The Arcadian Shepherds” from 1638 is one of the most prominent Baroque depictions of the phrase “Et in Arcadia ego”

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Musikfest Berlin



Arcadia is the land of eternal sunshine and unclouded joy – but death also afflicts those who dwell there. A musical memento mori: in an affecting programme of vocal music, Collegium Vocale Gent conducted by Philippe Herreweghe explores the sound worlds of the late Renaissance and early Baroque


Collegium Vocale Gent
Philippe Herreweghe conductor
Miriam Allan soprano
Barbora Kabátková soprano
Martha McLorinan contralto
Benedict Hymas tenor
Tore Tom Denys tenor
Jimmy Holliday bass
Sophie Gent violin
Sonoko Asabuki violin
Ageet Zweistra viola
Jonas Nordberg lute
Maude Gratton harpsichord
Lambert Colson Kornett
Bart Vroomen trombone


Salamone Rossi
Sinfonia a 5

Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi
Concerto de Pastori

Salamone Rossi
Sinfonia grave a 5

Salamone Rossi
Udite, lagrimosi Spirti d̕̕ Averno

Luca Marenzio
“Stillò l’anima in piantoˮ

Salamone Rossi
Sinfonia quinta

Claudio Monteverdi
“Ah, dolente partita!ˮ

Salamone Rossi
Gagliarda a 5 detta Narciso

Salamone Rossi
Corrente seconda

Salamone Rossi
Brando primo

Sigismondo d' India
Dialogo della rosa

Salamone Rossi
Sinfonia undecima (Echo)

Luca Marenzio
“Deh Tirsi mio gentil, non far più stratioˮ

Claudio Monteverdi
“Dolcemente dormiva la mia Cloriˮ

Luca Marenzio
“Al lume delle stelleˮ

Salamone Rossi
Sinfonia seconda

Salamone Rossi
Tirsi mio, caro Tirsi

Luca Marenzio
“Nel dolce senoˮ

Luca Marenzio
“Tirsi morir voleaˮ (arr. Peter Philips)

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