Jordi Savall conducting
Conductor, gambist, mastermind of Early Music: Jordi Savall | Picture: Daniel Dittus

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The Atlantic is a space where different influences meet: the great crime of the triangular slave trade between Europe, Africa and the Americas has shaped the world as we know it. And it has also changed the history of music. Here Jordi Savall, the great visionary of historical performance practice and connoisseur of world musical cultures, is joined by his groundbreaking ensemble Hespèrion XXI together with musicians from Africa and the Americas to devise a dialogue in sound between the reciprocal influences of the European Baroque and the songs of slaves between 1440 and 1880.


Hespèrion XXI
Tembembe Ensamble Continuo
La Capella Reial de Catalunya
Jordi Savall direction and treble viol


Creole songs and songs by slaves from the Old and New World

Songs by Gaspar Fernandes, Diegon Durón, Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla, Felip Olivelles, Juan García de Céspedes and from the Codex Trujiilo

Dances with variations by Santiago de Murcia and anonymous authors

European music from the 17th and 18th centuries by André Danican Philidor l’ainé, Jean-Baptiste Lully and Jean-Philippe Rameau

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