In addition to Richard Strauss’ Elektra, the programme at the Easter Festival also includes excerpts from Richard Wagner’s Tannhäuser and Die Walküre - albeit in a concert version at the Wagner Gala on 25 March. In his operas, Wagner's women are often the most heroic protagonists, rescuing the men from their misery. Take our short test to find out which of these heroic female characters you are!

1. What is your favourite way to spend your free time?

A: Praying and watching singing competitions
B: Sleeping and clairvoyance
C: With my eight sisters
D: Checking my husband’s mobile phone
E: Puzzling over my complicated family

2. Where would you most like to live?

A: In a medieval castle in Thuringia
B: Under a tree in the forest
C: In a ring of fire
D: Valhalla, the castle of the gods
E: Anywhere, as long as it’s not my husband’s house

3. Which is your favourite song?

A: Thou, my fair evening star
B: I know him so well
C: The Ride of the Valkyries
D: Stand by your man
E: He ain’t heavy, he’s my Brother

4. What is your favourite story?

A: Romeo and Juliet
B: Nostradamus
C: Apocalypse Now
D: Cinderella
E: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

5. What do you use to save your hero at the crucial moment?

A: I appeal to his enemies’ Christian charity
B: I warn him about a cursed jewellery piece
C: I walk into a fire and save all of humanity
D: With my quick thinking
E: I offer him a sword (if it breaks, that’s not my fault!)

Here is the result: Which answer did you choose most often?

A: Elisabeth from Tannhäuser
The afterlife seems much more attractive to you than this world, but a good singer like Tannhäuser can convince you otherwise. When your chosen one strays from the right path, you have the perfect solution to hand: a pilgrimage to Rome! Along the way, you stop his rivals from lynching him, save Tannhäuser’s life and open the path to redemption for him. But you can be a little extreme. Must you really die for him?

B: Erda from the Ring of the Nibelung
You know more than most people. In fact, you know everything. But you know it's a waste of time trying to explain things, and you prefer to spend your time teaching your daughters to knit and napping in the forest. When things get really bad, you're ready to emerge from retirement and warn your hero about the corrupting power of wealthy and money. Not that he listens.

C: Brünnhilde from the Ring of the Nibelung
You imbibed a fighting spirit with your mother’s milk and, together with your Valkyrie sisters, are primarily concerned with bringing fallen heroes back to Valhalla. All that changes, unfortunately, when you fall in love. Terrible idea. You give up everything to be with him, and he still cheats on you. A little tip: Stay away from fire.

D: Fricka from the Ring of the Nibelung
Traditional values such as morals, marriage and motherhood are very important to you. You keep tabs on everybody and organise fabulous family get-togethers. But there’s more to you than that. You have a phenomenal memory and a sharp understanding of the law; and you keep a clear head even in tricky situations. Your husband is very lucky to have you, even if he doesn’t seem to know it.

E: Sieglinde from the Valkyries
People mistake you for a submissive wife, but you’re just waiting for the right guy to run away with. It’s not your fault that the bloke who turns up to claim you as his new bride also happens to be your twin brother. Things seem to get out of hand, but you find hidden strength in order to save your child; when it comes to motherhood, you are a true lioness.