Picture: Stefan Höderath


Occasionally, two siblings are engaged by the same orchestra. However, for two pairs of siblings to be permanent members of an orchestra is surely unusual. For many years, two sisters and two brothers have played in the 2nd violin and viola sections of the Berliner Philharmoniker. When these two sets of siblings also play chamber music together, it is only natural to find a deep musical connection between them, and a strong common understanding of the interpretation of works.

Julia and Cornelia Gartemann and Christoph and Martin von der Nahmer have formed the core of the Eight Philharmonic Strings for many years, together with the two cellists Bruno Delepelaire and Knut Weber, the Berlin Philharmonic String Sextet. At the Easter Festival in Baden-Baden, in Berlin’s Philharmonie or on other international concert stages, they present the versatile repertoire for string sextet and occasionally string quintet.


Julia Gartemann
Christoph von der Nahmer
Cornelia Gartemann
Martin von der Nahmer
Bruno Delepelaire
Knut Weber