We are looking for students for the vacancies listed below. Please send your complete application by the stated deadline. Invitations to audition or rejections will be issued only after this date. Unfortunately, it is not possible to deal with enquiries before then. The prescribed works listed in the announcement and invitation are all to be prepared.

Once an audition date is set, it will be announced immediately on this page.

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  •  Completed university studies (at least Bachelor)
  •  Maximum age at entry to the academy: 27 years old
  •  Applicants under the age of 21 are asked to submit a letter of recommendation from their teacher or a member of the Berliner Philharmoniker stating that they are already in the final phase of professional preparation.
  •  In the case of admission to the Karajan Academy, continuous attendance in Berlin is required.

Application documents:

  • Copy of university transcript or certificate of enrolment
  • Complete curriculum vitae


Application deadline September 8, 2024
Audition October 21, 2024 10:00, Chamber Music Hall of the Philharmonie Berlin
A Mozart concert of choice
Another concert or solo piece from a different period of choice

All applications will be submitted via the online portal Muvac

Application deadline August 18, 2024
Audition September 23, 2024, Chamber Music Hall of the Philharmonie Berlin
Compulsory pieces
W. A Mozart: Concerto in B-flat major  K. 191
Camille Saint-Saëns: Sonata op. 168
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sonata Wq 132 / H 562 arr. for bassoon solo (version in D minor or C minor)

All applications will be submitted via the online portal Muvac​​​​​​​

Application deadline August 4, 2024
Audition September 4, 2024, Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie Berlin
Compulsory Pieces
Ralph Vaughan Williams' Tuba Concerto
Typical audition orchestral passages for bass tuba in F and contrabass tuba in B

All applications will be submitted via the online portal Muvac

Any questions?

Answers to the most important questions about the application and the audition

All free places in the Karajan-Akademie der Berliner Philharmoniker e.V. are announced on our website. If an instrument is not mentioned, there is currently no vacancy for it.

Applications will be accepted up to six weeks before the audition. The exact date is given in the Internet. Later applications can only be processed if there is an opening left to be filled.

You may apply to the Karajan Academy in German or English. German is generally spoken in the orchestra.

Once the application deadline is past, the participants in the audition will be selected by the Berliner Philharmoniker. Invitations or rejections will then be sent by post as well as email. (It will unfortunately not be possible to deal with enquiries before the application deadline.) Invited applicants must notify the Karajan Academy no later than a week before the audition if they will be taking part; otherwise they will not be included in the list of participants.

Please note that the age limit of 27 does not refer to the date of the audition, but to the date of entry into the Karajan Academy.

It will not be possible to arrange an alternative date for individual candidates.

Set pieces: The prescribed works listed in the announcement and invitation are to be prepared completely.
Pieces of your choice: The Karajan Academy must be notified of your choice of pieces no later than a week before the audition.

All auditions are accompanied by a répétiteur engaged by the Karajan Academy. If you would prefer to bring along your own accompanist, please let the Karajan Academy know this in advance.

The piano is tuned to 443 Hz.

The audition is held on the player's own instrument. Exceptions are harp, timpani and percussion.

Music for the set pieces is available to the piano accompanist. Please bring music for the pieces of your choice in internationally familiar, standard editions.

The possibilities for warming up in the Philharmonie are limited. Break-out (group) rooms will be made available no later than an hour before the audition begins. Room allocation is handled by the porter. The auditoriums are available only during the actual audition.

The Karajan Academy’s auditions last roughly three to four hours and are divided into at least two rounds. In the first round, portions of the set piece are performed. Following a meeting by the jury, the participants in the second round will be announced.

Audio-visual recordings may not be substituted for participation in the audition.

It will not be possible to bring auditors/guests.