Philly is bright yellow and has five corners – and their own quiz show. Two teams compete against each other to answer questions about music and about the Berliner Philharmoniker. It’s not as easy as you might think! Do you know what is actually English about an English horn? Philly delves into details about instruments and examines everything closely. Guess along and learn all about instruments, music and the members of the Berliner Philharmoniker!

Episode 1

with Dominik Wollenweber, Alexander von Puttkamer, Helena Madoka Berg, Micha Afkham, Angelo de Leo

What is English about the English Horn, and is it even a horn? What does a tuba look like from the inside? And what is a guiro? Gioia and Lennox from the Forzando team and Pola and Bartu from the Crescendo team answer these and many other questions in episode 1 of the Philly Show! 

Episode 2

with Sarah Willis, Johannes Lamotke, Amihai Grosz, Wieland Welzel, Martin Menking, Madeleine Carruzzo

Gioia and Lennox from team Forzando have won episode 1 of the Philly Show. The next episode will decide who they face in the grand final: Kastor and Hope from team Legato, or team Pizzicato with May-Lin and Luca. Which of the two teams knows how long a horn would be if you were to unwind it? And what the valves are for? 

Episode 3

with Janusz Widzyk, Georg Schreckenberger, Eva-Maria Tomasi

Finale! In Episode 3 of The Philly Show, the moment of truth has arrived. Which team will win? Gioia and Lennox in Team Forzando compete against Team Pizzicato with May-Lin and Luca. Especially exciting: Philly has come up with a few new games for the grand finale.