Philharmonic Salon

A closer look at Carl Maria von Weber

Max Simonischek (photo: Fabian Schellhorn)

Most people know Carl Maria von Weber as the creator of the opera Der Freischütz. But he was much more than that: a highly-gifted pianist and conductor, an astute musical commentator, and an innovative composer who decisively influenced the characteristic sound and instrumentation of Romantic music. Using contemporary texts read by the actor Max Simonischek, the Philharmonic Salon with depict Weber’s life, with all its highs and lows. The musical accompaniment will be provided by members of the Berliner Philharmoniker and the pianist Cordelia Höfer.

Max Simonischek speaker

Helena Madoka Berg violin

Anne-Luisa Kramb violin

Stanislava Stoykova-Blassl viola

David Riniker cello

Michael Hasel flute

Alexander Bader clarinet

Matic Kuder clarinet

Cordelia Höfer piano

Götz Teutsch programme supervision

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