Rows of chairs in front of a large window front
Chairs in the foyer of the Philharmonie Berlin | Picture: Heribert Schindler

Concert information

Musikfest Berlin



Moderated by Olaf Wilhelmer, four critics will once again discuss a central work this year: in 2024 it will be Aaron Copland’s 3rd Symphony.
The “Critics’ Quartet” takes place instead of the usual introduction to the concert with the Kansas City Symphony conducted by Matthias Pintscher.


Kai Luehrs-Kaiser (freelance publicist)
Joachim Mischke (freelance publicist)
Ivonne Petitpierre (freelance publicist)
Albrecht Thiemann (freelance publicist)
Olaf Wilhelmer presentation

Ausstellungsfoyer Kammermusiksaal / Fensterfront