Kneeling woman in a circle of children
Ruth Crawford Seeger not only arranged folk songs for children, but also took part in music lessons at her daughter’s kindergarten in the 1940s | Picture:

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Musikfest Berlin



In this programme the Ensemble Modern introduces the large-scale ensemble works of the American composer Ruth Crawford Seeger that are full of the delight in experimentation and the courage to pursue untrodden paths that characterised the 1920s. The futher pieces of this portrait concert also shed light on the present day, with the world premiere of a composition by the young American Katherine Balch and Tania León’s Ritmicas  from 2019 – demonstrating where Seeger’s ideas continue to have a direct or indirect effect.


Ensemble Modern
David Niemann conductor


Ruth Crawford Seeger
Rissolty Rossolty for orchestra

Ruth Crawford Seeger
Suite No. 1 for five winds and piano

Tania León
Hechizos for chamber orchestra

Ruth Crawford Seeger
Suite No. 2 for strings and piano

Katherine Balch
country radio for ensemble


Johanna Magdalena Beyer
Suite from chamber works arrangend by Hermann Kretzschmar

Tania León
Rítmicos for chamber orchestra

Ruth Crawford Seeger
Music for Small Orchestra

Additional information

A Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin eventSupported by the Capital Cultural FundEnsemble Modern would like to thank the Library of Congress in Washington for its kind support in researching Ruth Crawford Seeger’s music.

Chamber Music Hall