Iiro Rantala
Iiro Rantala | Picture: Jari Kivelä
Michael Wollny
Michael Wollny | Picture: Gregor Hohenberg

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    At the invitation of the Berliner Philharmoniker


    Few other musicians have shaped the Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic series as much as pianists Michael Wollny and Iiro Rantala. The two played in the legendary opening concert of the series in 2012 and have appeared time and again in recent years with memorable performances. In this concert, they are joined by pianist Grégory Privat from Martinique. The artists, who are very different in character and temperament, are united by their roots in classical music. And so we can look forward to an evening in which the three pianists combine classical music, jazz and Caribbean flair to create a very special sound world.


    Michael Wollny piano
    Iiro Rantala piano
    Grégory Privat piano

    Additional information

    Curated by Siggi Loch

    Main Auditorium

    22 to 71 €


    Series P: Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic