Four musicians
Ensemble Diderot | Picture: Guida Werner

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At the invitation of the Berliner Philharmoniker


The Ensemble Diderot explores the diverse beauties of baroque chamber music. For this concert, the French trio sonata takes centre stage. These are musical treasures full of dance – like vigour and melodic elegance, in which two melodic voices are intertwined with a bass line. Great composers like François Couperin and Jean-Philippe Rameau focused on the genre, but lesser-known names can also be discovered on this programme – such as that of Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, who was patronised by King Louis XIV and was considered a “miracle of the century” during her lifetime.


Ensemble Diderot
Johannes Pramsohler violin and direction
Roldán Bernabé violin
Gulrim Choï cello
Philippe Grisvard harpsichord


Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre
Trio Sonata in D major

Nicolas Clérambault
Trio Sonata in G major ‟La Félicitéˮ

Jean-Pierre Guignon
Pièces à deux violons, op. 8: Les Sauvages

Jean-Philippe Rameau
Troisième Livre de pièces de clavecin: L'Enharmonique

Jean-Pierre Guignon
Pièces à deux violons, op. 8: La Furstemberg

François Couperin
Trio Sonata in D minor ‟La Convalescenteˮ


Louis-Gabriel Guillemain
Trio Sonata

Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville
Trio Sonata in E minor, op. 2 No. 1

Jean-Marie Leclair
Trio Sonata in A major, op. 4 No. 6

Chamber Music Hall

11 to 29 €


Series R: Originalklang

Group picture of the musicians in an old church
Les Accents | Picture: Philippe Matsas