Hossein Alizadeh
Hossein Alizadeh | Picture: Tar Alizadeh 

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At the invitation of the Berliner Philharmoniker


Hossein Alizadeh is a musical legend in his native Iran. He plays the Persian long-necked lute tār with unmatched virtuosity. Yet the musician is not a traditionalist. Though his playing is rooted in the traditional music of his country, his performances bring it into the here and now. For example, he has developed a new instrument from the traditional setar: the shourangiz, whose name means “to give passion”. With the two singers Zohre Gholipour and Mehdi Emami, we also hear two of Iran’s most important musical voices.


Hossein Alizadeh tār and shurangiz
Zohre Gholipour vocals
Mehdi Emami vocals
Behnam Samani tombak and percussion
Houshmand Ebadi Ney
Saba Alizadeh kamāncheh
Parisa Pooladian Rubāb
Ali Boustan Setar

Chamber Music Hall

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Series WO: World