The Berliner Philharmoniker hasn’t visited Japan since 2019. This makes the joy of seeing Japanese fans and friends again even greater. The orchestra has only been to our first stop, the harbour city of Takamatsu, once before. That was in 1966 with Herbert von Karajan. Takamatsu is an old castle town and was once a seat of an important royal family. Today, the town is best known for Ritsurin Garden, famous for being the largest stroll garden in Japan. It was created back in the 16th century, during the Edo period, when the concept of a stroll garden, featuring a central pond surrounded by a meandering path and often including a teahouse, originated. Of course, some members of the orchestra took a look at this gem before the evening concert.

After sightseeing, it’s time for work. The concert takes place in the Rexxam Hall near the harbour. The evening’s programme consists of Mozart’s Symphony No. 29, Berg’s Three Orchestral Pieces and Brahms’ Symphony No. 4.