An insight

What with set design and make-up, costumes and direction, there’s a lot going on at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden in the weeks leading up to the Easter Festival. Follow us for small and large behind-the-scenes insights into this year’s production of Richard Strauss’ Elektra.

The concept rehearsal

So many talents, so much passion, and all for a common cause: directors Philipp Stölzl and Philipp M. Krenn welcome the soloists and team to the final rehearsals for the opera Elektra. Watch until the end for a sneak preview of the opera production!

Video: Filmwirtschaft

In the costume department

Here, the inner life of the characters is turned to the outside: Kathi Maurer is the costume designer for Elektra, and she explains what is behind the outfits in our new production.

Video: Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

Hair and makeup

From fiery red curls to glittering gemstones, the wigs and makeup for this year’s opera Elektra demand a huge amount of manual labour.

Video: Festspielhaus Baden-Baden