Wolfgang Talirz | Picture: Stefan Höderath



Born in Passau, Germany
Member since 24.08.1983



Wolfgang Talirz was already captivated by the warm, more personal sound of the viola while he still studying the violin. Three unforgettable impressions then led him to decide on switching to the lower instrument: a performance of the Telemann Viola Concerto by his school orchestra; a Beethoven cycle by the Juilliard Quartet in his hometown of Passau, in which he was so moved by the special timbre of Samuel Rhodes’s viola; and the radio recordings of Georg Schmid, with his unmistakable tone.

Later Schmid became his teacher during Talirz’s training at the Munich Hochschule. He now participates in three chamber ensembles: the Amarcord Quartet, Philharmonic String Quintet and Philharmonic Camerata. A special concern of Wolfgang Talirz is his long-term work on benefit projects, notably aid for Mexican street children and on behalf of for children suffering from cancer. In addition to his profession and his family, he has two further passions: playing the piano and the grands crus de Bourgogne, whose promulgation is his noblest duty as a member of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin.


First Prize, Bundeswettbewerb Jugend musiziert (1980)

Ensembles of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Philharmonic String Quintet
Philharmonic Camerata

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