Armin Schubert | Picture: Stefan Höderath



Born in Chicago, USA
Member since 01.08.1994


Armin Schubert, son of German emigrants to the USA, was six when he received a list of instruments he could choose to learn at his school. Because both of his grandfathers played the violin, he decided to take up that instrument. Later he earned a degree in Music Performance from DePaul University in Chicago, studying violin with Mark Zinger, whom he regards as his most important teacher. In 1990, pursuing further training, he went back to his family’s roots in Germany and studied with Rainer Kussmaul and Toru Yasunaga.

In 1993 he was accepted into the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Orchestra Academy and then, the following year, into the orchestra itself. Since that time he has also been an active chamber musician as a member of the Berlin Philharmonic Violins and the Trittico Trio of Berlin. His free time is devoted to sport: his favourite hobbies are swimming, diving in waters of all kinds, and playing golf on the world’s most beautiful courses.

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