It all began in 1999 with the »Landsberger Sommermusiken«, a small series of chamber concerts, to which the oboist Christoph Hartmann encouraged some of his Philharmoniker orchestra colleagues. The musicians enjoyed playing as an ensemble so much that they decided to perform outside the festival as well – as Ensemble Berlin. Since then, they have performed at home and abroad, at the Würzburg Mozart Festival as well as at the Berlin Philharmonie, where they made their debut as a chamber music ensemble in 2006. Thanks to radio and CD recordings, the Ensemble Berlin is now known to a wide audience. Its repertoire is made up of two components: On the one hand, there are original compositions for classical chamber music ensembles from the classical to the modern period, and on the other, arrangements. With such arrangements, the Ensemble Berlin aims to break down familiar listening expectations and gain new sonic perspectives from the familiar.


Luiz Felipe Coelho
Bettina Sartorius
Walter Küssner
Christoph Hartmann
Clemens Weigel

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