Season finale of the Berliner Philharmoniker at the Waldbühne

Tickets are available until shortly before the start of the event

Celebrate the end of the season with us at the Waldbühne with Wayne Marshall, Martin Grubinger and the Berliner Philharmoniker

We are delighted that the traditional end-of-season concert at the Waldbühne is able to take place. The programme features works by Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin and John Williams. Wayne Marshall makes his debut conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker and is also the soloist in Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Star percussionist Martin Grubinger plays John Williams: The Special Edition in an arrangement by his father.

The concert on 26 June 2021 is a “BärCODE only” pilot project.
Note: Please support us by booking a group of seats according to the number of people in your party.

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You will need the following to attend the concert on 26.06.2021

Admission is only possible if you can present the following three documents at the entrance control:

What is a BärCODE?

The concert on 26 June 2021 is a “BärCODE only” pilot project. You will receive the BärCODE as confirmation of a negative antigen test at one of over 20 BärCODE test centres. We recommend that you book an appointment early at one of these BärCODE test centres.

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People who are fully vaccinated can also access the concert with the Digital Vaccination Certificate. People who are fully vaccinated without the vaccination certificate and those who have recovered must have their convalescent/vaccination status certified on 24 or 25 June at the Philharmonie (Herbert-von-Karajan-Str. 1, 10785 Berlin) from 17:00 to 20:00, or on 26 June 2021 at the Testzentrum Olympia Westend from 08:00 to 20:00 (Passenheimer Str. 25, 14055 Berlin).

You can receive the code either digitally via your smartphone or tablet, or as a hard copy.

For all concert guests, including people who have recovered from Covid or are fully vaccinated, proof with the BärCODE or the digital proof of vaccination is mandatory. Admission will not be granted without a valid BärCODE. Other documentary proof of status will not be accepted.

This is how the concert will work on site

After the concert, we ask you to take part in an anonymous survey by email to give us your impressions of the admission procedure.