2nd Flute with Piccolo

Application Deadline: 2.5.2024
Audition: 13./14.6.2024


Compulsory pieces:

The compulsory pieces for the audition will be announced later.


Please note:

Videos of the following pieces are required for this application and may need to be made in advance:

  • Mozart. Concerto for flute, G major or D major, 1st movement without cadenza
  • Vivaldi. Concerto for piccolo C major, 2nd movement without repetitions


Video requirements:

  • Uncut
  • Fixed camera angle: whole person, hands and instrument
  • Video quality: HD video 16:9
  • Sound quality: lossless audio

You may need to upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo first. Please also note that your video must be accessible for us (on YouTube, for example, set the video visibility to "public" or "unlisted").