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Deutsche Bank

John Cryan, Chief Executive Officer Deutsche Bank AG

Dear Friends of the Berliner Philharmoniker,

Deutsche Bank and the Berliner Philharmoniker have enjoyed an unparalleled partnership for more than a quarter of a century. The exclusive and long-standing cooperation between the orchestra and the bank is unique in the world. The Berliner Philharmoniker ranks among the world's best orchestras, captivating audiences across the globe. Outstanding quality, innovativeness and energy combine to create a distinctive profile, making the Berliner Philharmoniker an ideal partner for Deutsche Bank. Together, we make visionary projects possible, such as the Digital Concert Hall, which opens up the auditorium of the Berliner Philharmonie to music lovers all around the world. The Digital Concert Hall transcends national borders and provides people of all ages and backgrounds with access to classical music. Now everyone can watch and listen to live performances of the Berliner Philharmoniker in brilliant video and audio quality.

Together, we make visionary projects possible

The Education Programme of the Berliner Philharmoniker, which is made possible by Deutsche Bank, also spreads the joy of music and singing. For fifteen years, it has successfully connected with children and young people from all social backgrounds and enabled them to embark on their own journey of musical discovery. The orchestra's education experts are convinced that “there's music in everyone” - whether through dancing, singing or playing an instrument. Musicians from the Berliner Philharmoniker and other artists work with the youngsters to foster their creativity and team spirit. The young people discover hidden talents, are supported in their personal development and gain more confidence. This is true also for the Vocal Heroes, a choir that invites children and young people from three districts in Berlin to come and sing together, and encourages them to venture new skills. This newest educational project of the Berliner Philharmoniker also works with young refugees, helping them to find their place not only in the choir, but also in German society. Vocal Heroes is just one of many initiatives of the Born to Be programme, which Deutsche Bank and its foundations established to support young people in achieving their full potential. For the season to come, we would like to wish the Berliner Philharmoniker continued success under the leadership of Sir Simon Rattle and Martin Hoffmann, and wish all of the friends of the orchestra numerous unforgettable concert experiences!


John Cryan