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Deutsche Bank

John Cryan, Chief Executive Officer Deutsche Bank AG

Dear Friends of the Berliner Philharmoniker,

Music unites people regardless of their age or background, the language they speak or their cultural heritage. Music has also united Deutsche Bank and the Berliner Philharmoniker in a close and unparalleled partnership for more than a quarter of a century. No other commercial enterprise in the world shares such an exclusive and long-standing bond with an orchestra. The Berliner Philharmoniker is considered one of the finest orchestras of our time, captivating audiences on every continent. Outstanding quality, passion for innovation and dynamism combine to create a uniquely distinctive profile, making Berliner Philharmoniker and Deutsche Bank ideal partners. Our common goal is  access to classical music in new ways. The Digital Concert Hall is an online medium that enables music lovers worldwide to watch and listen to the live performances of the Berliner Philharmoniker in brilliant video and audio quality. An archive also provides on-demand access to more than 400 concert recordings. Interest in the Digital Concert Hall is impressive, and the number of users increases year by year.

To expand access to classical music in new ways

Thousands of people have also participated in the Berliner Philharmoniker education programme made possible by Deutsche Bank. For over 15 years, this key initiative has successfully been bringing children and young people from all social backgrounds together. Through inventive exploration of music, song and dance they develop their creativity, overcome personal and cultural barriers and learn to work in a team. The Berliner Philharmoniker education programme illustrates emphatically that the world of classical music is accessible to everyone and enables individuals to embark on fascinating journeys of discovery – also concerning their own tastes and talents. Singing in a group is fun, builds team spirit and boosts self-confidence. This is also the experience of participants in Vocal Heroes, the Berliner Philharmoniker's most recent educational project, which invites youngsters from three districts in Berlin to come and sing together, and encourages them to try out their skills.

Fascinating journeys of discovery

The youth choir's performances with the Berliner Philharmoniker are the highlight of the initiative. The project also works with young refugees, aiding their integration into the choir and thereby into German society. Together with the Berliner Philharmoniker, we want to continue making classical music accessible to all of those with an interest in the genre.

We look forward to continuing our partnership and warmly welcome Andrea Zietzschmann as the orchestra’s new general manager. For the new season, we wish the Berliner Philharmoniker every success under the artistic direction of Sir Simon Rattle, and the friends of the orchestra many a wonderful and unforgettable concert.


John Cryan