Together for humanity

The participants of a special benefit concert on 20 December in the Philharmonie Berlin call for the immediate release of all hostages kidnapped from Israel into Gaza, and for the protection of the Palestinian and Israeli civilian population.

In the aftermath of the murderous attack by Hamas on Israel on 7 October, and amidst a humanitarian crisis of devastating proportions in Gaza, more than a hundred hostages kidnapped from their homes in Israel are still held captive. Their lives, as well as those of civilians in Gaza and in Israel are in danger.

We call for the immediate release of all hostages, and for the aid and protection of all civilians on both sides, including for the expansion of humanitarian aid for Gazan civilians. We call for the intervention and aid of the international community in promoting, expediting, and securing a diplomatic solution that will end the violence and facilitate a shared existence. As an artistic community, we refuse to lose hope in such a future. Our concert on 20 December at the Philharmonie Berlin serves to underline our demands

All proceeds of the concert go towards three important projects in Israel and Palestine: towards Israel’s “Abducted and Missing Families Forum” (which is behind the “Bring Them Home Now” campaign) and towards two peace organizations in Israel and Palestine: “Women Wage Peace” and “Women of the Sun,” who have been working together tirelessly to seek and demand a just and lasting peace for both peoples. Tragically, one of the founders of “Women Wage Peace,” the esteemed peace activist Vivian Silver, was also among the murdered on 7 October, at her home in Kibbutz Be’eri.

We believe in a peaceful solution, respecting the legitimate aspirations and securing the lives of both peoples. The rehabilitation of lives and the survival of hope will require great resources and commitment. It must begin now.