“Perspektive Kultur”: Short documentary

About our pilot project of 20 March

It was a particularly poignant moment when the Berliner Philharmoniker and chief conductor Kirill Petrenko stepped onto the stage of the Philharmonie Berlin on 20 March. An audience of 1000 was able to attend – more than ever since the corona-related closure of the Philharmonie a year ago. There have been regular broadcasts in the Digital Concert Hall, but mostly to empty seats, which made this reunion all the more enjoyable for the orchestra and the audience. The fact that such a concert was possible at all was thanks to special hygiene and security measures. Each of the 1000 visitors was tested for corona on the day of the concert, and mandatory masks and distancing rules applied.

From preparation to applause

The concert was presented as part of the pilot project “Perspektive Kultur”, developed by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe in association with various cultural institutions. In our short documentary you can relive this special project, from the complex preparations to the rejoicing on the evening of the concert.