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The Berlin Phil Series and free playlists with music recommendations

The Philharmonie Berlin remains closed for the time being, but the Berliner Philharmoniker will continue to play digitally. Every Saturday at 7pm, they are presenting the new online format The Berlin Phil Series in the Digital Concert Hall. The episodes of this series, which are curated and presented by musicians of the Philharmoniker, offer a mixture of a live chamber music concert and archive recordings of orchestral works, all connected by a special theme, such as music from France, America or Vienna. “In this way, we want to stay at least digitally in contact with our audience,” said Olaf Maninger and Stanley Dodds, media representatives of the orchestra. “We invite fans of the Berliner Philharmoniker worldwide to become part of our online family and through these concerts we offer them a shared experience.”

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Moreover, the musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker, chief conductor Kirill Petrenko and guest artists of the orchestra will give a very personal insight into their musical preferences, revealing to us which Digital Concert Hall recordings they particularly admire. Their music selection can be found in our playlists, which will be released one at a time, and which will be free of charge for one week each. We began with our first concert master, Noah Bendix-Balgley, who presents his favourite performances since he took up his post in 2014 with a programme that ranges from Mozart to Tchaikovsky, and from Brahms to Strauss and Korngold. Enjoy!


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Playlist: Noah Bendix-Balgley’s favourites
(Photo: Sebastian Hänel)
The Berlin Phil Series: »Eine Hommage an Daniel Stabrawa«
(Photo: Sebastian Hänel)