Sounds, Vibrations, Patterns

Kirill Petrenko’s Energy as a Graphic Concept

“A new energy!” – that is the title of the special page devoted to our new chief conductor, Kirill Petrenko. In three words it sums up what the members of the Berliner Philharmoniker feel about the beginning of Petrenko’s tenure: they are thrilled by his passionate, charismatic energy. A magical musical intensity has already formed a bond between conductor and orchestra. This extraordinary energy will also be demonstrated in various ways prior to and during the coming season in our publications, on posters, postcards, advertisements and in the cinema. Three aspects will dominate our campaign:

Making sounds vibrate – creating patterns

Making music is an energetic process. When instruments are played, they produce vibrations which we hear as sounds. The design concept in our season brochure makes this process visible: the oscillation frequencies of various notes became fascinating acoustic figures, which were captured photographically when musicians played them on Chladni plates.

Wavy lines and the moiré effect

There is another method of depicting vibrations graphically, however: the moiré effect. Superimposed oscillation grids are turned counter to each other in various ways, resulting in an iridescent, vibrant graphic surface. You can see the moiré effect on our special chief conductor page, the cover of the first CD with Petrenko and the Philharmoniker and later on posters, postcards and advertisements.

Tape art installations

Energetic oscillations can also be experienced spatially with tape art installations. They make use of the graphic moiré effect, apply it to spatial areas and form a link with the motifs of the campaign. The tape art installations adorn the entrance area and foyer of the Philharmonie. Nine artists each covered two kilometres with adhesive film and duct tape in 45 hours. You are welcome to take and post photos (#petrenkolive), but if you would not only like to see this extraordinary energy but also feel it, you should experience our new chief conductor Kirill Petrenko live at the Philharmonie beginning next season!