The Berliner Philharmoniker and their instruments

New, free series in the Digital Concert Hall

(Photo: Sebastian Hänel)

For musicians, instruments are partners for life. They spend hours with them every day, and experience many ups and downs together. Four members of the Berliner Philharmoniker tell of their relationship with their instruments and the challenges each instrument presents: principal clarinet Andreas Ottensamer, 1st principal cello Ludwig Quandt, 1st principal viola Máté Szűcs and cor anglais player Dominik Wollenweber.

A lifelong, intimate connection

These portraits launch a new, free series in the Digital Concert Hall which gives our users the opportunity to gain an unusual insight into the musical life of the Philharmoniker. From Andreas Ottensamer, we discover how he fades notes on his clarinet or makes them appear as if from nowhere, Ludwig Quandt enthusiastically discusses the tonal sensuousness of his cello, Máté Szűcs explains why he needs good breathing technique to play the viola, and Dominik Wollenweber talks about the painstaking handicraft required to produce the mouthpiece and the sense of pleasure he gets from performing in concerts.