Merry Christmas

from the Berliner Philharmoniker

Musical christmas greetings

We wish for peace on earth, including for you and your loved ones, this Christmas. To get you into the holiday spirit, we present an excerpt from the Brass Christmas family concert, just for you. The entire family concert will be available shortly in the Digital Concert Hall.

Playing for you: Sarah Willis (horn/moderator), Andre Schoch (piccolo trumpet), Bertold Stecher (trumpet), Tamás Velenczei (trumpet), Josa Malich (trumpet, guest), Guillaume Jehl (flugelhorn), Alexander von Puttkamer (tuba), Stefan Schulz (bass trombone), Tomer Maschkowski (bass trombone, guest), Jesper Busk Sørensen (trombone), Olaf Ott (trombone), Jonathon Robert Ramsay (trombone), Franz Schindlbeck (drums)