Our volunteers

In the service of the Berliner Philharmonike

(Photo: Stefan Höderath)

“Active for the Berliner Philharmoniker” – that is the motto of the music-loving men and women who have been the orchestra’s volunteers since 2007. Their mission: to give concert-goers and international artists the best possible stay in the Philharmonie. Helpful, knowledgeable and friendly, they answer any questions about the concerts and the programme, provide information about the concert series and the tours of the orchestra, look after children and young people during rehearsals and various special events, help visitors to the Philharmonie find their way, order taxis and take table reservations for visits to the restaurant after the concert. They also look after the musicians and guest artists behind the scenes. Their uniform of light blue shirts and blouses with yellow scarfs signals to concertgoers: “We’re here to help you”!

Total concert-going experience

The volunteers see themselves as part of the total concert-going experience, as “ambassadors” for the Berliner Philharmoniker who, through their dedication, offer a very special visitor service. A challenging task, which not everyone can fulfil.

Our volunteers come from demanding careers, for example, former bank and airline directors, lawyers, sound engineers, nurses, teachers and librarians. They can often speak several languages.

Our volunteers in action
(Photo: Rosmarie Arndt)

Get involved!

Our team of volunteers is always interested in finding other music-loving colleagues. Anyone who is outgoing, enthusiastic and a team player, is able to inspire others, enjoys communicating with people and is prepared to be available for an event at least once a week, is welcome to our team.

Anyone interested in joining can apply in writing to the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation. The Foundation will then contact you, invite you to an interview if applicable, and provide you with special training before you start.

Our volunteers in action
(Photo: Rosmarie Arndt)


The application form can be requested from the phone number given below or downloaded as a PDF:

Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker
Arnd Dahlheim
Herbert-von-Karajan-Str. 1
10785 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0) 30 254 88 155
Mail: ehrenamt@berliner-philharmoniker.de