Walter Seyfarth

Born in Düsseldorf

Member since 1985-09-01

The music teacher of his Gymnasium presented a clarinet to the class. Walter Seyfarth, then twelve years old, was so enchanted by its sound that he immediately signed up for instruction. Later he studied the instrument at the Freiburg Musikhochschule with Peter Rieckhoff, then with Karl Leister in the Orchestra Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Following his first engagement, in the Saar Radio Symphony Orchestra, in 1985 he became a member of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Three years later he and his colleagues Michael Hasel, Andreas Wittmann, Fergus McWilliam and Henning Trog founded the Philharmonic Wind Quintet. Walter Seyfarth is active as a teacher in the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Orchestra Academy, with international youth orchestras, and in master classes. His other interests include the visual arts and the theatre, and he also enjoys cooking for his family and friends.