Rainer Sonne

Born in Göttingen

Member since 1976-09-01


Prize-winner in the German national competition »Jugend musiziert« (1966), Winner of the Würzburg Mozart Competition (1975)

»To be an orchestra musician is a wonderful occupation. For me, my work is a pleasure (almost) every day.«

His father put a violin in his hand when he was a child. Rainer Sonne knuckled down and made it his instrument. His musical studies were undertaken with Igor Ozim at the Cologne Musikhochschule, and he received further training in master classes with Max Rostal, Sándor Végh and Nathan Milstein. In 1975 he entered the Mozart competition and won it. Sitting on the jury was Thomas Brandis, First Konzertmeister of the Berliner Philharmoniker, who informed him that a Konzertmeister position in his orchestra had become vacant and invited him to an audition. Sonne got the job. In September 2010 he stepped down to play in the tutti violins. He not only plays in the orchestra but is also active as a soloist and in chamber music. For 15 years he played with the Philharmonic Soloists; he now is in the Philharmonic Piano Quartet, Divertimento Berlin and – as leader – the Charis Ensemble. Rainer Sonne, who enjoys reading, travel and sport, teaches at the Orchestra Academy and has been a guest professor since 2006 at Berlin’s Universität der Künste.