Peter Riegelbauer

Born in Georgensgmünd

Member since 1981-02-01


Fünferrat (Council of Five) (1988-91, 1994-96), Orchestra Board (1997-2008, 2012-2015) Manager of the Orchestra Academy (since 2015)

“What gives me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction in my career is making music together with my colleagues. I've experienced many great moments in this orchestra and had wonderful experiences working with great conductors and soloists.”

The school orchestra lacked a double bass, so the music teacher asked Peter Riegelbauer if he would like to learn the instrument. As he had wanted to play in the orchestra for a long time, and it would also give him the opportunity to become the bass guitarist in the school band, Peter Riegelbauer immediately said yes. He later studied in Nuremberg under Georg Hörtnagel and in Berlin under Rainer Zepperitz. He played in the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie for three years, and during this time, he co-founded the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie and the Ensemble Modern.

A scholarship to the Orchestra Academy led him to the Berliner Philharmoniker. As the first graduate of the then still new organisation, he passed his audition on 8 January 1981 – his 25th birthday. In 1983, he founded the Scharoun Ensemble Berlin with colleagues from the orchestra. Since he became a member of the Philharmoniker, Peter Riegelbauer has held positions of responsibility in the orchestra's self-governing bodies. He was a member of both the orchestra and foundation boards and manager of the Orchestra Academy, he is manager of the Orchestra Academy since 2015. As a respite from his musical activities, he enjoys participating in sport, golf being his particular passion.