Daniel Stabrawa, 1st Concertmaster

Born in Kraków

Member since 1983-11-15

Daniel Stabrawa studied in his native Kraków, won prizes at several international competitions, and in 1979 was appointed concertmaster (leader) of the Kraków Radio Orchestra. He was a first violinist in the Berlin Philharmonic for three years before becoming one of the three First Konzertmeister. In 1985 Stabrawa and three colleagues from the orchestra founded the Philharmonia Quartet, which has appeared with great success in Berlin and other international music centres all over the world. Since 1994, Daniel Stabrawa has been increasingly active as a conductor. Since the 1995/96 season he has directed the Capella Bydgostiensis in Bydgoszcz (the chamber orchestra of the Pomeranian Philharmonic).