Picnicking with the Philharmoniker

21 Jun 2017

The Berliner Philharmoniker’s annual end-of-season concert at the Waldbühne is a popular occasion for many visitors to set off for the open-air arena with a well-filled picnic basket. This means, however, that the bag checks at the entry control point at the bell tower take longer usual. The organiser recommends arriving as soon after the gates open at 6 pm as possible. An extended double-door system at the entrances and a “fast lane” for visitors without bags should allow everyone to enter easily and also take into account the architecturally listed status of the Waldbühne.

The following items are permitted:

Picnic baskets up to a height of 45 cm are permitted, all foodstuffs should be packed in transparent boxes or bags (like the re-sealable plastic bags used for flights) and the venue’s rules allow you to bring a 0.5 l PET bottle or a 0.5 l tetrapak per person. Backpacks, on the other hand, are not permitted nor bulky or dangerous objects. Food and beverages can also be purchased on site.

To the concert

(Photo: Monika Rittershaus)