New in the Digital Concert Hall: the 30-Day Pass

03 Sep 2009

There’s no question about it: there’s more fun to be had in the Digital Concert Hall when you can move around freely: when you can watch all of the concerts and then enjoy them again and again. This freedom has only been available to  season subscribers so far. But now there is an alternative.

Subscriptions for the 2009/2010 season have been on sale since the 1 July.  If you would like to discover the many advantages of such a season ticket but for a shorter period, you now can – and at a special price: with the new 30-Day Pass for 39.00 Euros.

For around a month it offers you all the same advantages as an annual subscription. So you can browse through the complete video archive (including the concerts from last season) and watch all live concerts during this time. Even better:  if, when it runs out, you decide to upgrade to the full season subscription, the price of the 30-Day Pass will be deducted, so instead of the usual 149.00 Euros, it will only cost 110.00 Euros.

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