The future of the Kulturforum: Discussion round on 13 May

11 May 2022

What is the future of the Berlin Kulturforum? This question will be the subject of a panel discussion on 1 May in St. Matthew's Church. Andrea Zietzschmann, artistic director of the Berlin Philharmonic Foundation, will be on the panel.

Last year, the residents of the Kulturforum came together in the project Utopia Kulturforum to pose the question of the multi-layered history and present of the Kulturforum in exhibitions and discussions. The project concludes with a look into the future: What can the cultural and academic institutions do to really make the Kulturforum a forum? And what are the Senate and the district doing to revitalise this area in the long term?

Fri, 13 May 2022 18:00
St. Matthew's Church, Matthäikirchplatz

Senate Building Director Petra Kahlfeldt
State Secretary for Culture Torsten Wöhlert
Ephraim Gothe, Deputy District Mayor and District Councillor for Urban Development and Facility Management of Berlin-Mitte
Andrea Zietzschmann, General Manager of the Berliner Philharmoniker
Gero Dimter, Vice President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation
Hannes Langbein, Director of the St. Matthäus Foundation

Moderation: Claudia Henne

Admission is free, registration is not required.


(Photo: Achim Kleuker)