Election of the Orchestra Board

29 Jun 2023

The Berliner Philharmoniker’s new orchestra board remains the same as the old one: the members of the Berliner Philharmoniker have confirmed the two orchestra board members Eva-Maria Tomasi and Stefan Dohr in their positions and re-elected them for a further term of three years.

Principal horn Stefan Dohr, who was previously a board member from 2009 to 2012, has been in office since October 2020. Eva-Maria Tomasi, who is a member of the second violin section, joined the board in September 2022 as Knut Weber’s successor.

Foundation Board

Walter Küssner was elected as the orchestra’s representative on the Foundation Board, as well as Andreas Wittmann as his deputy for the term of four years.

Eva-Maria Tomasi
Stefan Dohr
(Photo: Sebastian Hänel)