Concert in Saarbrücken - an appeal for the Saarphilharmonie

11 Jan 2013

On 12 January 2013, the Berliner Philharmoniker make a guest appearance at E WERK in Saarbrücken for the first time. The orchestra is looking forward to this concert, although from a spacial and acoustic perspective, E WERK does not meet the requirements of a modern concert hall.

With this performance, the Berliner Philharmoniker are making an appeal to the political and social leaders in Saarland to advance initiatives to build a philharmonic hall in E WERK, and their concert in the Saarland capital is an expression of solidarity with the institutions that have set the goal of constructing a Saarphilharmonie in E WERK. If this initiative were to fail, a repeat guest performance under unchanged conditions would not be possible for the Berliner Philharmoniker.

For this concert, they will be accompanied by conductor Riccardo Chailly. Under his leadership, the orchestra will play the concert version of the prelude to the first act of Richard Wagnerʼs Die Meistersinger and Anton Brucknerʼs Sixth Symphony.