The Berliner Philharmoniker support Ukraine Emergency Appeal of UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe

03 Mar 2022

The Berliner Philharmoniker and their chief conductor Kirill Petrenko are appealing for donations for Ukraine as part of their partnership with the UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), of which the UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe is the German national partner, has been working in Ukraine and the entire region for a long time. However, its operations are currently still severely underfunded.

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“We are appalled by the attack on Ukraine – and are witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe in the middle of Europe. As UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe ambassadors, we are very happy to support the important work of the UNHCR both on the ground and at the borders with Ukraine and are therefore calling for donations at our upcoming concerts. Help to alleviate the plight of those affected,” says Andrea Zietzschmann, general manager of the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation on behalf of the foundation's board.

“We are deeply concerned about the humanitarian situation in the country. It is worsening by the day. More than one million Ukrainians have already fled to neighbouring countries. And hundreds of thousands are also fleeing within Ukraine. We are all the more grateful to the Berliner Philharmoniker for their commitment to the people in Ukraine and those who have had to flee their homeland,” comments Peter Ruhenstroth-Bauer, managing director of the UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe.

UNHCR is working closely with the authorities in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to help organise emergency aid. Aid workers are providing and coordinating humanitarian assistance. The UNHCR is also stepping up its assistance to displaced people and those affected by the conflict in Ukraine – security situation permitting. UNHCR is also in contact with representatives of internally displaced communities to assess needs and identify safe places to host IDPs.

About the collaboration

The Berliner Philharmoniker and its chief conductor Kirill Petrenko have been ambassadors for UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe since the autumn of 2021. They are the first organisation to receive this status and to belong to the “Circle of Friends” of UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe.