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At the general meeting on 15 June, the association officially changes its name to Freunde der Berliner Philharmoniker e. V.


On 5 January, the long-standing chairman of the board of the association, Dr. Wolfgang Bühler, passes away. At the general meeting of 17 June, Prof. Dr. Manfred Erhardt is appointed as his successor. The year is for the most part dedicated to the orchestra’s 125-year jubilee, generously supported by the Friends. The Berliner Philharmoniker is presented with a valuable Storioni violin. A key highlight of the orchestra festival in November is founding the Junger Freundeskreis.


In a matinée on 26 September, the Friends pay tribute to their late Honorary Chairman, Dr. Wolfgang Stresemann, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.


The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is incorporated as the Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker. The Friends’ support was crucial for this development. On 22 September at the final matinée of the year, Sir Simon Rattle is presented as the new Principal Conductor.


The entire Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra become members of the Freunde der Berliner Philharmonie e.V.


Appointment of a board of trustees for the association.


A special event is held to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Gesellschaft der Freunde der Berliner Philharmonie e. V.


Official opening of the Chamber Music Hall


The Friends provide 1 million Deutschmarks for the construction of the Chamber Music Hall.


The Friends begin a campaign called: “Rettet den Kammermusiksaal” (“Save the Chamber Music Hall”). Membership of the association steadily grows to 720.


Plans to build the Chamber Music Hall are shelved due to the lack of public financing.


Further goals are initiated by the Association:

  • Support and funding for the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra
  • Researching the history of the former Philharmonie
  • Erecting the Chamber Music Hall


Berlin’s city government approves funding for reconstructing the Philharmonie at the estimated cost of 13.5 million Deutschmarks – the association contributes around 1.5 million Deutschmarks to the construction cost. The foundation stone is laid at Kemperplatz by Herbert von Karajan.


First lottery held to raise funds to support the re-construction of the Berlin Philharmonie.


Creation of the association Gesellschaft der Freunde der Berliner Philharmonie e. V.