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Friends of the Berliner Philharmoniker e. V.

When we founded our association in 1949, we had only one goal in mind: to help the Berliner Philharmoniker in demolished postwar Berlin get a new concert hall. With great personal and financial dedication, the members contributed significantly to building Hans Scharoun’s Philharmonic Hall, and later also to constructing the Chamber Music Hall.

After that, it was time to set new goals: these days the friends are primarily involved in purchasing and financing instruments. But also improving the facilities of the Philharmonie, particularly its sound engineering, critically examining and presenting the history of the orchestra and the complete refurbishment of the organ in the Philharmonie are among the projects sponsored.

Instilling young adults with enthusiasm for working with the Philharmonic is one of our particular concerns. To that end, the “Young Friends” was founded in 2007; the group is open to fans of classical music up to the age of 35. Attractive and interesting opportunities are provided to the members of the association to experience the world of the Berliner Philharmoniker – whether as a Friend, Supporter or Patron. Every year there are three Sunday matinees with musicians of the orchestra, frequently complemented by lectures or discussions. Every season you also have the possibility to attend a dress rehearsal of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Supporters and Patrons are offered still other opportunities to get closer to the Berlin Philharmonic (see Offerings).

All contributions and donations are of course tax-deductible. Become a part of the Philharmonic family yourself – as a member of the Friends of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Support the orchestra’s activities and take advantage of the wide range of offerings.

(Photo: Thomas Rosenthal)

Former Projects

Presentation of the Guadagnini violin

For many years the violin from the workshop of Giovanni Battista Guadagnini (Milan, 1754) provided good service to the violinist Axel Gerhardt. The Friends of the Berliner Philharmoniker have now purchased the instrument from the former member of the orchestra and presented the violin on loan to the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation during a matinee on 16 June 2013. The Foundation will then in turn make the violin available on loan to concertmaster Andreas Buschatz. Axel Gerhardt will donate the entire purchase price of 600.000 euros to the National Youth Orchestra of Germany.

Übergabe von Hand zu Hand: Axel Gerhardt, Prof. Manfred Erhardt, Martin Hoffmann, Andreas Buschatz (v.r.n.l.)