The Be Phil-Orchestra

(Photo: Jan Holleben)

Experiencing music jointly – that’s the focus of the Berlin School Orchestra Extravaganza. It enables Berlin’s school orchestras once a year to perform on the stage in the great hall of Berlin’s Philharmonic Hall, presenting to a large audience the works they have rehearsed during the school year. The event, by now rich in tradition, will take place this season too: young musicians are given an opportunity to show their skills.

Play together

In addition, in the run-up, an orchestral work selected by the education department of the Berliner Philharmoniker will be rehearsed by all; it too will be performed in the great hall of the Berlin Philharmonie conducted by Stanley Dodds. That in the process it can be quite crowded on the stage – as many as 200 pupils are sometimes playing jointly – does not disturb anyone. The real highlight: the individual sections are prepared by members of the Berlin Philharmonic for the joint concert, whereby the orchestral musicians playing along conveys an immediate sensation for musical interpretation and structure.

School Orchestras 2016:

  • John-Lennon-Gymnasium Berlin, Conductor: Christina Wagner
  • Katholische Schule Salvator, Conductor: Johannes Feiten
  • Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium Berlin, Conductor: Ronja Zern
  • Gymnasium Steglitz, Conductor: Constanze Springborn
  • Georg-Herwegh-Gymnasium, Conductor: Michael Gerhardt
  • Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium, Conductor: Wolfgang Hengelhaupt