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Musical Expeditions

(Photo: Dorothea Huber)

The musical expeditions are voyages of discovery through the Philharmonie. And anyone who wants to can take part! We go in search of sounds and rhythms throughout the Philharmonie wherever they are, whether in the foyer or the auditorium. This is because it is not only the Berliner Philharmoniker who can conjure beautiful music from their instruments: different sounds are also to be found in the architecture of the Berlin Philharmonie, the home of the orchestra.

For young and old

There are expeditions only for children or only for adults – depending on the theme and the occasion. All offer exciting voyages of discovery for the whole family or for school classes, teachers or student groups.

(Photo: Martin Walz)
Registration for school classes

Please register for guided tours by calling +49 (0)30 254 88-353 or by e-mail.